• Marco Kozlowski – from a musician to a real estate rock star

  • Posted on February 10, 2019
  • For someone who has been working in the real estate business or has an interest in real estate investing, you probably heard of Marco Kozlowski. His name has been the talk of the town because of his expertise in luxury real estate. He is fondly called the luxury home guy because his niche focuses on luxury properties. Unlike many real estate investors who specialize in fix and flip, Marco took the other niche. Luxury real estate is not for everybody as the money at stake is bigger compared to the conventional fix and flip strategy. However, with the right strategy and approach, you will find luxury real estate investing financially rewarding.

    Get to know Marco Kozlowski Toronto

    When Marco started his real estate journey, he was just like many typical investors. He didn’t have a lot of knowledge about the real estate business. He only heard of real estate investing when he participated in one of the real estate events held in Florida. He went there out of curiosity but it turned out the event that would change his life forever.
    Should he follow his passion, he would forever be a concert pianist. Marco was a struggling musician. He was a concert pianist and owned a music school in Canada. He was happy with his craft but reality bites. His passion can’t feed his growing family. He worked a double job just to make ends meet. Things were difficult because of financial constraints.

    He went to Florida to open another music school and to at least try his luck there. Instead of opening a music school, he finds himself in a real estate event. That’s the time he was introduced to the world of real estate. Just like many real estate investors, Marco started fixing and flipping houses. He made a decent amount of money from it. He quit music and decided to focus all his efforts in real estate. All his efforts have paid off. He was able to provide for his family. He does not need to take two to three jobs just to make things work.

    Just when he thought things are getting better, his personal relationship with his wife suffered. His wife left him and took all his money. Instead of losing hope, Marco picked up all the pieces and came out even stronger.

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    Marco Kozlowski Real Estate Journey

    He ventured into luxury real estate. From a musician to a fixer-upper, to a luxury real estate guy. He made a lot of money from investing in luxury real estate. In fact, he made an $81,000 profit from his very first luxury real estate deal. Since then, Marco has been unstoppable.

    Today, Marco offers real estate training and workshop to people from all walks of life. His real estate investing methods are a product of his hard work. It worked for him and it will surely work for you. You can be a real estate investing rock star too.

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